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(1)        Where does John Henry Oil conduct its drilling operations?

Presently, drilling operations will be focused in North Central Tennessee, primarily in Overton County.  This area has led the state in oil production since 1997.


(2)        Is there really crude oil in Tennessee?

Yes! We are drilling in a well-known and prolific oil and gas trend called the Trenton/Black River play that extends from upstate New York all the way down into parts of Alabama.


(3)        How long has John Henry Oil been in business?

Formally incorporated in 1998 by the Love family, John Henry Oil Corporation is a privately owned and operated company specializing in hydrocarbon exploration and development in the Appalachian Basin.  The Love family’s history spans almost 100 years in the American oil patch with extensive experience in all phases of oil and natural gas exploration and development.


(4)     Does John Henry Oil utilize the environmentally controversial technique known as "Hyrdraulic Fracking"?

Hydraulic Fracturing is the underground injection of water and chemicals under pressure to break up underground rock formations (shales) in order to release "tight" oil & gas reserves.  Although this technique is being widely used in the Dakotas, Texas and many other regions of the country, John Henry Oil will not utilize this technique until we are certain that there will be no damage to the environment.


(5)       How do I attain additional information about opportunities with John Henry Oil?

Click on the "Contact Us" link or call 865-688-2864.  You may also send an email to